We don't have the time to start a partnership like this.....

VERALLIS's expert analysts will need a minimal amount of your company's time to comprehend your needs and objectives. Then, they will undertake data analysis and investigate optimal solutions.Our customers save time because they get involved only in the critical sections of the process such as the specification and selection of the most suitable solutions.

We manage cost.....

In these difficult economic times we are all experiencing, organizations are trying to reduce costs and cut down on expenses. It is at this time when businesses have depleted all their internal resources to reduce cost, that the added value of VERALLIS is realized .VERALLIS specializes in cost management. Our analysts are able to monitor the development of the best practices and prices in each market.
The statistical analysis of more than 10,000 projects that have been completed shows that VERALLIS cannot help customers in all examined cost categories. In these cost categories the customer receives a "Cost Efficiency" certification in the early steps of the analysis free of charge. Simultaneously, statistics show that in most cost categories our customers will enjoy 22.7% average savings.

We have tried to reduce cost in the past but with no results.....

Result for VERALLIS is not just a report or proposal to reduce cost.Result for us is increased savings on the customer's bottom line.Working with VERALLIS always has a positive result with no risk:
Case 1: The customer saves and improves his financial results by discovering hidden profits.
Case 2: If there is no saving possibility in one cost category, the customer will receive a "Cost Efficiency" certification free of charge for the specific cost category.

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