VERALLIS analysts reveal 26% savings per year in Courier for large Insurance Company

The level of service was improved both in terms of delivery time and Information Quality Management (IQM).

VERALLIS' contribution was sought to examine the expenses of one of the largest insurance companies in the Greek market.

Courier for insurance company is a very sensitive issue, since courier companies are responsible for informing its customers (e.g. contract cancelation). Therefore, keeping delivery receipts must be handled in a very specific way in order to have a tracking record and be able to deliver the original documents as proof of delivery during a possible court trial.

This insurance company has customers throughout Greece and courier destinations were grouped into three geographical areas as shown in the diagram.

courier graph en

The selection criteria were defined jointly with the senior executives of the insurance company:

• Values
• Delivery time as a key performance indicator (KPI)
• Respect of the strict process (sending courier to clients, back to the supplier with all the necessary information which is available to the insurance company at any time)

Then requests for proposals were sent to suppliers, with detailed analysis of the company's needs in terms of courier. VERALLIS analyzes the offers on the basis of the above mentioned criteria and the client opts for the best solution for the company.

Thanks to the implementation of a new methodology and a more competitive price framework with new supplier, 26% savings were achieved
courier en



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