Expense Reduction
the key to optimize your costs and improve revenues
We assist C-Suite executives achieve extra profits, reallocate valuable cash-flow by reducing operational expenses in almost all cost categories.
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of companies considercost reduction as their top priority
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The Focus
Our model serves as a practical and logical planning and control framework for transforming and continuously managing a business’s cost competitiveness.
Our approach is based on

  • Understanding and analysing cost drivers

  • Managing the risks inherent in driving cost-competitiveness

  • Developing a cost-conscious culture

  • Generating sustainable solutions to provide maximum value

  • Offering a no risk cooperation. Our fee is based on results: No savings-No fee

Our 4-Step Process
We enhance our clients financial outcome through trustworthy cost management strategies
We carefully evaluate current contract agreements aiming to verify that all preset qualitative & quantitative terms have been met and applied.Based on our findings we issue a report portraying current situation.
Based on the mutually agreed current situation report we investigate one or multiple alternative solutions that fully comply with pre-set specifications. Finally, we assist our client in selecting the most suitable winning scenario.
We assist our client to implement preferred solution, thereby ensuring that full benefit will be attained.
We constantly monitor agreed solution periodically, ensuring that savings are realized by measuring occurred benefit. Additionally, we calibrate agreement terms whenever necessary to ensure maximum gain.
Our Achievements
Most Indicative OpEx Categories
Logistics 27.6%
Freight 12%
Energy Procurement 19%
Energy Consumption 23%
Advertising 25.5%
Telecommunications 43%
Printing 27.5%
Insurance 19%
Courier 25.6%
Facility Management Services 27%
Packaging 15.5%
Consumables 19.6%
Overall Cost Savings 23.7%

Global MarketFacts


of companies trying to reduce costswill not implement beneficial changes


of the companies that achieve cost optimization,will not manage to maintain optimum cost for longer than 3 years

  • Cost Mapping

  • Tailor-made solution

  • Negotiation strategy

  • Market intelligence

  • Benchmarking Data

  • Extensive analyst network

  • Proven methodology