Transaction &
Vendor Management
we drive profitability as well as operational & organizational benefits by enhancing throughput
We control every step in a client’s transaction, from devising results-oriented strategies to delivering every report, analysis and recommendation. Our services ensures the maximum value received for the money that our client pays to its suppliers.

Υou Can’t Manage What You
Can’t See

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The Solutions
We utilize our resources to develop tailor-made sourcing processes and improve efficiency, transparency and savings. Our services assist companies to manage and develop supplier relationships that improve value, agility, flexibility and reduce risk.


Supplier Analysis

manage your suppliers effectively

  • Segment suppliers based on business strategy, impact and risk

  • Define framework of segmentation and responsibilities within organization based on different levels (strategic & traditional suppliers)

  • Provide a suitable framework for non-strategic supplier management. Align organization with relationship management principles'


Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

relationships that achieve real value

  • Establish value-added relationships with strategic suppliers and align objectives

  • Implement effective governance and setup framework of supplier relationship within the organization

  • Develop effective performance management methodology and respective supplier development processes to monitor and improve value for both entities


Order and Invoice Processing

assist in resource utilization

  • Based on organization needs we can process sourcing and/or buying for specific categories

  • We can undertake the entire process of purchase orders, account reconciliation, supplier selection, contract drafting plus other category-related actions


Contract Administration

details that matter

  • Contract drafting according to company-specific governance and other related policies

  • Contract management and digitization

  • Contract compliance, renewal and financial terms control


System & Resources Assessment

find the right tools

  • Assess the adequacy of support infrastructure and alignment with business goals and environment

  • Review technology requirements and propose best fit solutions

The Result

Transaction Management

With our services, we aim to:
  • Reduce Cost Per Transaction
  • Eliminate order and invoice errors
  • Maintain data quality and automate manual tasks
  • Accelerate procurement timeframes
  • Innovative risk mitigation and management frameworks

Vendor Management

You gain:
  • Building robust relationships with suppliers
  • Focusing on key relationships and benefiting from economies of scale
  • Improvement in processes and buyer/vendor interaction
  • Cut inventory costs by optimal purchasing
  • Improvement of governance in strategic suppliers relationships

  • Cost Mapping

  • Tailor-made solution

  • Negotiation strategy

  • Market intelligence

  • Benchmark data

  • Extensive analyst network

  • Proven methodology