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The Result
Savings Rate

Total Annual Spend:
Total Annual Savings:
A 25.82% in savings was attained through our trustworthy methodology, during a global health & power crisis.

The Challenge


Ever since the integration of the energy stock market, electricity prices which are affected by several key factors such as fuels, power plant costs, transmission and distribution system, weather conditions and regulations, have been fluctuating. The variable pricing is also product of the different energy packages offered by each power supplier, presenting a tangible predicament for companies as to how to choose the most competitive deal for their needs. Additionally, due to the ongoing energy crisis the revaluation clauses continuously inflate the electricity bills.

The Method


The project scope was to search for potential opportunities that were available in the market and to negotiate for offers that would benefit the Client. In building the Client’s Consumption Profile by conducting a detailed analysis per segment going back 10 years, we were able to pinpoint the cost segments up for optimization, whilst retaining the level of services provided. Through the extensive benchmarking data at our disposal, granting a strong negotiating position towards the supplier, and in tracking the way each supplier incorporated the shift in the revaluation clauses in relation to the Client’s consumption needs and the state of the energy market in those times; we managed to reduce the annual energy cost by 25.82%.

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