The Client

One of the largest Manufacturer with operations in many countries across Europe, Asia, and Africa.
IndustryManufacturingServicesExpense ReductionCategoryCourier
The Result
Savings Rate

Total Annual Spend:
Total Annual Savings:
The level of service was improved in terms of both delivery time and Information Quality Management (IQM)

The Challenge


Courier is a very sensitive service and is distinguished from other services by feature such as speed, security, tracking, signature and swift delivery times. The Client operates worldwide and the requirement for the suppliers was to provide courier services on very strictly timeline along with the best price

The Method


Our analysis revealed that the client should address the market for more competitive pricing and improved service.Requests for proposals were sent to suppliers, with a detailed analysis of the company’s courier needs. Verallis analysed the offers based on the above criteria and proposed the best solution for the client.   The selection criteria to be met by the proposed solutions were determined jointly with the senior executives of the Client and included Values, Delivery time as a Key Performance Indicator, Price and Terms of payment

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