The Client

Large retail chain company
IndustryRetailServicesExpense ReductionCategoryEnergy Management
The Result
Savings Rate

Total Annual Spend:
Total Annual Savings:
Client’s satisfaction led to the immediate implementation of the solutions at the other branches of the network. The Client displayed these performances internally in the organization and presented them at a conference for reducing costs.

The Challenge


The high cost of electricity concerned the executives of the company. For this purpose, a plurality of saving alternatives were examined. These solutions required the implementation of high cost investments while the financial crisis had put considerable pressure regarding the company’s money liquidity. In addition, the electricity supply from an alternative provider did not reached the expected benefits.

The Method


Verallis was invited to assist in this effort. Verallis qualified analysts, visited the client’s stores and met with the relevant staff in order to understand the needs, the actions taken in the past and the actions planned for the immediate future as well as the possibility of improvement in the branches.The next step included a presentation of alternative proposals for saving. The proposed solution was tested in the largest store with impressive results. The total savings reached, after implementing solution for six months, 50%. The continuous monitoring, training and assistance provided by the analysts of Verallis led to an ongoing cost reduction. The company immediately implemented the solutions to all branches of the chain with equally impressive results.

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