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The Result
Savings Rate

Total Annual Spend:
Total Annual Savings:
From the early stages of the project’s implementation process, our findings established that the Client was already receiving improved Soft Services whilst the related costs, presented a significant reduction. The provided oversight and monitoring of the project as it evolves guarantees its proper implementation and offers sustainability for the financial results achieved.

The Challenge


During a time when the Covid-19 pandemic was expanding rapidly, the Client’s extensive diagnostic centers network, nationwide, along with a stricter protocol in Cleaning & Disinfection Services, especially for Healthcare providers, posed an unprecedented challenge in offering the Client the best Provider for FM Services from both a monetary but also a qualitative aspect. For a Healthcare provider, such a time translated to incredibly heavy traffic and consequently magnified needs when it came to Soft Services such as Cleaning & Disinfection of Offices and workspaces. Therefore, a significant enhancement and optimization of the aforementioned Services provided at an optimum cost rate was necessary.

The Method


The basis for the methodology applied was the listing & detailed evaluation of all the aspects concerning the Organization’s Soft Facility Management, both financial and qualitative, at every diagnostic center examined. Identifying and priority-setting regarding our Client’s needs was Step No. 1. Whilst our 4-Step process unfolded and based on the criteria set regarding the quality of the needed services, we conducted a targeted contest in order to find the most prominent providers that offered the desired FM solutions. After careful consideration of each candidate, we offered our expertise in assisting the decision making for the selection of the final Provider for the Company.

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