The Client

The Client, operates in the field of financial services
IndustryFinancial ServiceServicesFacility Management (FM) Auditing & Consulting Services
The Result
The outputs we provided to the Client were a tabulated report summarizing the findings against each contractual & legal obligation supplemented by an executive summary outlining any key issues and a program of recommendations for action. The outcome of the project was that all KPIs exceeded the standards. Overall, we have helped our Client ensure that he receives the full FM service he pays from his service providers and to safeguard his reputation.

The Challenge


 The client had numerous contracts for FM servicing not being able to effectively monitor the performance of the contractual agreements. As a result, some buildings and client operations were underserved. Verallis had to measure the service delivery and provide the client with improvement points and related action proposals.

The Method


Measuring Contractor’s Performance into a number of areas, including Time (deliver to programme), Quality of service delivery, HSE Requirements, Compliance with the legislation and with contract terms, for Categories like:

  • Mechanical & Electrical Equipment, Air Condition, UPS
  • Cleaning and Pest Control
  • Counting Machines
  • Projects Details:
  • More than 100 field audits were performed in more than 100 Branches across Greece for 1 year
  • We measured 37 KPIs and 37 CSFs were evaluated

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